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NAA - the short version

Gården Gladheim

Norwegian Agriculture Agency (NAA) is central in protecting natural resource diversity, and for generating value growth in agriculture and forestry. NAA also administrate schemes of trade related to the food section.

Norwegian Agriculture Agency contributes to a dynamic nationwide agriculture.

Agricultural schemes and regulations targeted at agribusiness ensures profitable operations, sustainable rural communities and the preservation of the cultural landscape.

We have approximately 220 employees distributed across five divisions: Land Resources, Agricultural Production, Trade and Industry, Reindeer Husbandry and Digitization and organisation.

  • Agri-based food industry

    NAA administrates the import regime for agricultural products and measures targeted towards the food industry. NAA makes proposals and advises on trade agreements with international bodies such as the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the European Union (EU). The import regime for agricultural products is central in securing agricultural production, and the processing of domestic food products. 

    NAA is responsible for price and market surveillance throughout the value chain, both nationally and internationally. This ensures that Norway fullfils its international duties as stipulated in Trade Agreements, and has a well-functioning import regime.

  • Advisory organ and information bank

    NAA aims to monitor the whole of the value chain. This is absolutely necessary when disseminating knowledge and sharing experiences with the food industry and other authorities. NAA will actively keep the Ministry of Agriculture and Food informed of developments and results of measures undertaken in meeting current political goals.

    Ongoing competence on a high level is vital for NAA in forseeing future developments and societal trends, in administrating schemes and regulations wisely, and in always having professional advice and analysis available. Norwegian Agriculture Agency takes pride in being a centrepoint for research and development in agriculture, and places great importance in collecting and interpreting professional information supplied in scientific papers, research reports, analysis etc.

  • Professional administrator

    In agriculture, forestry and the food industry, NAA implements administrative measures and is, therefore, responsible for ensuring a consistent administration throughout the country and throughout the value chain. The administration of economical and legal measures including surveillance, correct documentation etc. are all a vital part of this work. 

    Norwegian Agriculture Agency's primary target groups are farmers, foresters, the food industry and importers. Many tasks are undertaken in close collaboration with the municipalities and the local government representatives.