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The control work of the Norwegian Agriculture Agency

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The Norwegian Agriculture Agency maintains a set of control routines and control systems. Our aim is to secure that the economic and juridical means are administered in compliance with the intentions set forth in the regulations of the legal and economic means.

The aim of our control is to contribute to secure the trust in the government management as well as the legitimacy of the current agricultural politics and the means of promoting these politics.

Our controls are based on an internal risk management process, where we evaluate and monitor the various risks associated with the programs we administer. The results of our risk evaluations are used as the foundation for what external controls and other measures we implement. 


The effects of the control

Through good handling of controls the Norwegian Agriculture Agency assures that the prerequisites and terms for the subsidies are present.

The results of the controls are used as a basis for
• Correcting errors and deciding on possible sanctions
• Improving internal control in the government management, including routines
• Revising the regulations
• Improving the information conveyed

The effect of our controls is a reduction in likelihood of errors. We also obtain a more coherent and efficient government management of the agricultural political means in which the Norwegian Agriculture Agency is responsible.

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