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Agricultural production

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Norwegian Agriculture Agency (NAA) contributes to securing the resource base for agriculture, wealth creation and ensuring that Trade and Industry remains competitive. NAA administers Income and Welfare Schemes which provide an income for Primary Producers as well as production-regulating initiatives to aid small-scale structures in milk and livestock production. This production is built on concentrates.

  • Schemes

    Important areas of responsibility are linked to the development and management of resources for land payments, payments for domestic animals, price support, welfare schemes, domestic animal concessions, and the milk quota system.

    Schemes directed toward quantity production of milk, meats, wool, vegetables, fruits, potatoes and berries are managed by Norwegian Agriculture Agency. Funds are imbursed via slaughterhouses, dairies etc. District payments for poultry, egg and meat - and potato production in Northern Norway is part of this scheme. Norwegian Agriculture Agency is also responsible for crop-specific deficiency payments for meats, price payments for milk, subsidies for wool, district and quality payments for fruits, berries, vegetables, and fruit storage subsidies.