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Welfare, price support and veterinary services

Bonde med barnevogn, driftsbygning i bakgrunnen, vinter
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  • Welfare schemes

    The Norwegian Agriculture Agency manages schemes directed at farmers’ welfare. The Agency gives grants supporting assistance to farmers during sickness and childbirth, during time off/vacations, and to promote early retirement.

    These schemes are administrated in collaboration with the Regional governors and municipalities. In addition, farmers are granted better sickness benefits compared to other independent business owners. This scheme is administrated by NAV (the short name for the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration).

  • Price support and fees

    The Norwegian Agriculture Agency manages grants (price support) for the production of eggs, milk, meat and wool.

    The agency is also responsible for claiming a production fee for eggs, milk, small grains, meat and fur. For eggs, milk, small grains, meat, fruits, vegetables and honey the agency claims a research fee.

  • Veterinary services

    The Norwegian Agriculture Agency assign travel grants for veterinarians travelling to farms giving medical treatments or on insemination visits. The aim is to equalize expenses related to such veterinary services between livestock producers.

    The agency assigns grants to Norwegian municipalities to support them in their responsibility to ensure access of local veterinary services.