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Loss of beehives

Winter climate can take its toll on beehives, the loss of which can be compensated. A condition for applying for compensation for a lost honey producing hive is that the hive is in a robust condition and is productive prior to overwintering. Furthermore, hives must be prepared for the winter in terms of location, adequate feeding of bees as well as having undergone preventive measures against disease. The cause for losing a hive must be climatic and the damage must be of a kind one cannot normally be insured against by means of regular insurance schemes.

Applying for compensation – loss of beehives during winter

Loss of beehives throughout winter can be prevented using adequate disease- and parasite agents, as well as by following up the hives in terms of maintenance and care. In cases were hives are lost having suffered climatic damages it is important to - as soon as possible - notifying your municipality no later than 15th of May.

The municipality shall be given the opportunity to control the winter damage before cleaning up is initiated.

Calculating compensation

- Compensation is calculated using fixed rates set to 1.500,- NOK per lost hive

- The number of hives that can be compensated is calculated as follows: Number of lost hives minus 30 per cent of the total amount overwintered hives

- Estimated compensation estimates of less than 5.000,- NOK will not be paid out to the claimant(s).

Application process

- Applications for compensation must be forwarded to the municipality no later than 15th of July in the year the damage occurred.

- Electronic applications can be sent in online at the Altinn portal.

- Applications can also be sent to the municipality by means of post. The needed form can be downloaded from the Norwegian Agricultural Agency’s website.