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Winter damage on pastures

Enterprises with significant winter damage to pastures may through the compensation scheme described below be eligible for financial support. The grant offered intends to alleviate expenses for re-sowing a crop with grass or fodder which then in turn can be harvested the same year as the damages occurred, hence reducing the impact of harvest failure.

  • Grants for winter damages on pastures

    The scheme is regulated in by-law (NO): Forskrift om erstatning og tilskudd ved klimabetingede skader i plante- og honningproduksjon.

    Winter damage is defined as damages caused by:

    - Frost

    - Ice cover

    - Water cover

    - Drought

    - Frost heaving

    - Biotic conditions such as e.g. mushrooms spending the winter in areas with crops

    The enterprise must report winter damage to their pastures in sufficient time before any recovery work is initiated, hence providing the municipality with an opportunity to inspect and assess damages. Recovery work must be conducted in due time for the damaged pasture to provide a harvest in the same year the damage occurred and no later than 15th of June. In areas with slow start of growth, the county administration can give permission to deviate from this deadline.

    For the grant to be given, the pasture – following recovery work – must be ploughed, harrowed, “cut”, re-sowed with seeds from pastures plants or fodder plants. When the effort made is part of a regular spring-time renewal plan, a grant is not offered.

    The compensatory grants in plant- and honey production are financed by means of the national annual agricultural settlement.

  • Who is eligible for applying for grants?

    Compensation and grants in cases with climatic damages to plant and honey production apply exclusively to enterprises in the agricultural sector that are entitled to production subsidies.

  • Calculation of grants

    The grant is calculated as per fixed rates – currently 330,-  NOK per decare of land eligible for subsidies.

    Land eligible for compensatory grant is calculated by subtracting twenty per cent of the area which has undergone recovery work. (The above mentioned 20 per cent constitutes the average measured risk in this production sector).

  • Application process

    Applications for compensatory grants must be handed in no later than 15th of July in the year the damage occurred. It is furthermore required that documentation for expenses due to recovery work is attached (e.g. receipts for seeds used in re-sowing).

    Applications can be sent electronically through the Altinn portal. (See; electronic applications for production subsidies). The application form can also be downloaded from this web site and be sent by post to the municipality.