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Livestock grazing in areas with heightened radiation levels as a result of the Chernobyl accident, risk obtaining too high radiation levels. Upon testing, the meat may not be approved for human consumption. Radiation levels can be reduced significantly by means of alternative fodder.


The compensation scheme intends to compensate the costs of enterprises in the field of livestock farming, aimed at measures to reduce radioactive Levels in the meat, making it suitable for human consumption.

The following categories of costs are compensated:

-           Ordinary costs related to alternative fodder

-           Expenses resulting from animal round- up

-           Compensation for animals dying whilst undergoing alt. fodder regimes

-           Carcasses rejected at the abattoir due to elevated radiation levels

  • Apply for compensation

    The Norwegian Food Safety Authority decides the length of alternative fodder periods in zones destined for measures. The compensatory period is set from 15th of August to 15th of November.

    - The municipal authority supervises the alternative fodder periods in cohesion with time frames set by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

    - The application deadline is set for six months upon completion of decreed measures.

    - The county administration handles compensation claims and pay outs of compensation fees provided that the application fulfils conditions set in the by-law. The county administration handles applications concerning round-up of animals and compensation for lost livestock because of decreed alternative fodder regimes.

    There are many advantages to applying online:

    It is now possible to apply for compensation using the Altinn portal.