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Temporary livestock farming suspension

Enterprises which are instructed to cull livestock, voluntarily cull livestock as a part of an eradication program, or are subject to restrictions on joint pasturing, might temproary be ordered to pause livestock production. The enterprise can apply for financial compensation for the paused period in question.


Compensation may be given if the paused period exceeds 12 months. The compensatory period is limited up to three years. Compensation is given provided that the enterprise re-engages in the same type of livestock farming.

 Financial loss resulting from loss of subsidies for livestock farming, grants related to area development, cultural landscaping as well as funding pertaining to outlaying field pastures is compensated.

Apply electronically at Altinn.

If applying by post to the county administration, please fill form “LDIR-278”.

The compensation scheme is legislated by means of by-law: (NO) "Forskrift om erstatning etter offentlige pålegg og restriksjoner i plante- og husdyrproduksjon".