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The Norwegian Forestry Act

skogbruksaktivitet (Copyright: LMD)

The purpose of the act is to promote sustainable management of forest resources in Norway with a view to promotion of local and national economic developement, and to secure biological diversity, consideration for the landscape, outdoor recreation and the cultural values associated with the forest.

The act applies to all forest and forest land. For this purpose “forest land” means land which produces forest or which, according to an overall assessment, is most suitable for forest production and is not being used for any other purpose.

The forest owner shall ensure that all activities in the forest are carried out in compliance with statutes and regulations. The forest owner shall have an overall view of the environmental values in his own forest and pay regard to them when carrying out all activities in the forest. Such considerations may prevent the implementation of some activities in the forest. Within these frameworks, the forest owner is free to manage the forest in relation to his own objectives.

An english translation of The Norwegian Forestry Act is available at Ministry of Agriculture and Food.