In 2020, the European Commission presented the ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy for sustainable food systems. The strategy is an important part of the European Green Deal and will be implemented in the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in the next years. Now the agricultural sectors face serious challenges. The war in Ukraine, the Covid-19 pandemic and a global commodity price boom are exposing the vulnerabilities of our food systems.  

The seminar shed light on how these policies are practiced in Sweden and the policies designed to achieve a more sustainable agricultural production in Norway.  

Recording of the seminar 

Video recording of the seminar on sustainable agricultural production in the EU and Norway

Time: Thursday 28th April at 1000–1130 a.m.

Place: The premises of the Norwegian Agriculture Agency 5th floor, in Stortingsgata 28, Oslo.

Digital: Via Teams 


Ola Christian Rygh, policy director in the Norwegian Agriculture Agency, moderated the seminar. The seminar was held in English.

10:00 Welcome by the Norwegian Agriculture Agency   

10:05 Strategies and focus areas for sustainable food systems in the EU – the new CAP, the ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy and future challenges 

Presentation by Olaf Heidelbach, Economic and Policy Analyst in the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission.  

10:25 Swedish agricultural policy, environment and sustainability under CAP  

Presentation by Åsa Wolgast Broberg, Deputy Director in the Division for Agriculture and Food Production, the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation.  

10:45 Norwegian environmental and sustainability policies for agriculture  

Presentation by Henrik Einevoll, Director in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Trade Policy Section in the Department of Agricultural policy.  

11:00 Measures and instruments in Norway for sustainable agriculture – some examples and areas under development in Norway 

Presentation by Bjørn Huso, Senior Adviser in the Norwegian Agriculture Agency. Section for Environment and Climate in the Department of Land Resources.  

11:15 Q & A and summary  

11:30 End